Intelligent, rules-based wealth management 

for today's sophisticated investors


Financial Planning

Our Fusion Analytics Investment Professionals conduct a rigorous needs and objectives analysis.   They then work closely with you to gain a clear and thorough understanding of your short and long-term goals, as well as your tolerance for risk. We then create a custom portfolio tailored for your unique needs.


Adaptive Strategies  

Unlike mainstream advisors, who often employ static, plain vanilla, buy and hold strategies. Fusion Analytics Investment Partners LLC wealth management teams integrate 

unique,adaptive investment strategies, designed to participate in healthy market sectors, while avoiding unhealthy sectors.


Risk Management

Once your wealth plan and portfolio are constructed Fusion Analytics wealth management team will employ a proprietary, analytics-driven risk management program designed to identify and mitigate portfolio risk.  Given markets are prone periods of extended volatily, ongoing risk management is critical to both growing and preserving your wealth.

At Fusion we combine both technology and people to deliver best of breed, full service wealth management offerings.


Fusion has a deep culture founded in proprietary research and analytics.  We have an experienced team of analysts, portfolio managers and risk managers.

Analytics Driven 

At Fusion Analytics Investment Partners we believe in making unbiased, data-driven investment decisions. We analyze reams of financial data identifying investment factors that have historically been associated with winning investment strategies. We then incorporate those factors into our unemotional, data-driven investment solutions.


Experienced Team

Fusion Analytics Investment Partners has deep roots in investment research. The staff of Fusion Financial has decades of equity and fixed income research. We view investing as a mosaic and employ several investment disciplines such as; fundamental valuation, technical, and quantitative analysis to create a balanced, and weighted evidence approach to our investing process.


Proprietary Research

At Fusion Analytics Investment Partners we don't use the same off the shelf models and research that nearly every RIA firm uses. Rather we have always created our own inhouse models and research, leveraging our deep and diversified staff of analysts, portfolio managers, technicians and quantitative professionals.  We also due strong due dilignece on outsde manager offerings as well.


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