The power of advanced math, data and technology ... to deliver an adaptive portfolio process.


Fusion Analytics Investment Partners utilizes an investment process that's powered by a multi-factor, multi-disciplined investment approach. This rules-based, data-driven approach incorporates a weighted evidence process, utilizing the investment disciplines of sector momentum, price momentum, fundamentals. sentiment, and a broad range of technical factors.

Our process is grounded in the belief that equity markets are not static, but rather ever-changing and portfolios need to adapt to these changing conditions.

Rules based process 

Effective portfolio management requires a well designed investment process. A process that can adapt to changing market environments.  In addition to have a strong, rules based approach, portfolio management needs a consistent application to the process.  Our rules-based process allows Fusion Analytics to remain disciplines and adhere to its process.

Data Driven

Fusion Analytics believes in objective, data-driven analysis in its portfolio management process. Using data Fusion Analytics is able to remain objective and not fall prey to the pitfalls or subjective analyst opinion, company news flow and other emotional driven information.

Strict Risk Management Disciplines

The old saying in the sports world is that defense wins championships.  At Fusion Analytics we feel the same can be said about investing. In rising markets, the rising tide lifts all boats.  However the tide also goes out!  That said, Fusion places a lot of emphasis on risk management and playing sound defense during periods of heightened market volatility.




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